Mrs Phyllis kristal



Mrs Phyllis krystal, born in England, is a practicing psychotherapist who has developed a unique approach using symbols and visualization techniques to help clients detach from external authority figures and patterns. She teaches  people to relay on their one Higher Consciousness as guide and teacher. She lectures in the USA, Europe, Australia , New Zealand, Tasmania, India. Phyllis has written several books, including “ Cutting the Ties That Bind, Cutting More Ties That Bind, Cutting the Ties of Karma, Cutting Work Books. 


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 Japan Phyllis Krystal Method Centre





KSビル 8階


Where we are  :

KS Billding 8th Floor

4-5-20  Kojimachi

Chiyoda  Tokyo,

102-0083 Japan


Tel 080-3856-0108    M-F  9:30 ~  18:00   


対面場所:四谷 :  水曜日 11:00−17:00 (最終アポイントメント 16:00)


          金曜日 11:00−17:00 (最終アポイントメント16:00)



     神楽坂: 土曜日・日曜日 11:00ー21:00 ( 最終アポイントメント19:00)



東急田園都市線・二子新地 :火曜日・木曜日  11:00ー (最終アポの時間はお問い合わせください)




 Place of face-to face session:  Yotsuya & Kagurazaka 

Yotsuya :     Wednesdays 11:00-17:00 ( Last appointment 16:00)

              Fridays    11:00-17:00 ( Last appointment 16:00)

         Sundays    11:00-17:00 ( Last appointment 16:00)

Kagurazaka:   Saturdays & Sundays 11:00-21:00 ( Last Appointment 19:00 )


Denentoshi Line・Futakoshinchi: Thursdays 11:00- Late 


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