Bilingual  Practitioner Harumi Koyama


Harumi  Koyama is a representative of the Phyllis Krystal Method and a corporate partner of the Phyllis Krystal Foundation. The Japan Family and Child Clinical Therapist,  A guest research fellow at the Institute for service innovation studies of Maiji University. 


Harumi,  was born in Japan.  For further educational purposes she moved to UK and gained a Masters qualification in the University of Brighton.  After 20 years abroad, she was returned to to Japan in 2015 and set up the Japan Phyllis Krystal Centre with Mrs Phyllis Krystal’s approvals in Tokyo.  


Harumi  was diagnosed with a form of cancer and went through many difficulties in her life.  This led her to question her sense of self-being and purpose of life. She was introduced the Phyllis krystal Method in 2009 by her tutor. The method brings transformation in herself.  


2010-2012 She worked with cancer patients at the Macmillan Cancer Support Organisation and  gained the certificate of the Cancer support course from the Macmillan Cancer Support Organisation in 2011. 


April 2011, she organised  the Japan -UK Therapist Team with 50 therapists who joined  from all Europe and UK for the fund-raising campaign of Japan Fukushima Disaster in the central of London.  The team succeeded raising funds two events and donated them  to the hospital in Fukushima for children’s mental care treatments.  


She received the certificate of the Phyllis Krystal Method as a practitioner from Mrs Phyllis Krystal in 2013. Since then, She introduces the method with a single session, lectures and  workshop at the Mental Clinic and many public places in Japan, UK, Germany. 



She is a member of the Japanese Association of Family and Child Therapy , the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Japan, Japan Psychotherapy Society,  CNHC ( Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council ) in UK. 




She knows what Truth is.

Trust your very own sensibility.

Do not ignore your special gift.

If you proud of your great sensibility,

Your dream is come true.

Just follow your heart.       

( Translation of the characters on the folding screen)