Symbol cards and the MiniBook in Japanese

We use these cards at work. Please have one.  

Of course,  you will use at home too.  


They are very beneficial. 


There are two symbol card size : ( 15 cards included) 

A4  size and a post card size are available.


We will sell the Minibook in Japanese and symbol cards at the Japan Phyllis Krystal Centre here  and the work shop. 

Please ask us. 


There is a Mini Book in English and German. Please contact to




 Japan Phyllis Krystal Method Centre






Where we are  :

KS Billding 8th Floor

2-12-1-512  Kojimachi

Chiyoda  Tokyo,

102-0083 Japan


Tel 080-3856-0108    M-F  9:30 ~ 18:00   


Advance appointment requires.




対面場所:四谷 :  水曜日 11:00−17:00 (最終アポイントメント 16:00)


          金曜日 11:00−17:00 (最終アポイントメント16:00)



     神楽坂: 土曜日・日曜日 11:00ー21:00 ( 最終アポイントメント19:00)





 Place of face-to face session:  Yotsuya & Kagurazaka 

Yotsuya :     Wednesdays 11:00-17:00 ( Last appointment 16:00)

              Fridays    11:00-17:00 ( Last appointment 16:00)

         Sundays    11:00-17:00 ( Last appointment 16:00)

Kagurazaka:   Saturdays & Sundays 11:00-21:00 ( Last Appointment 19:00 )


 Please inquire about more details