Introducing the Phyllis Krystal Method

The method  was developed by the British psychotherapist Mrs  Phyllis Crystal over half century ago  in the 1950s and 1960.


Phyllis spent a period of  her life in which she devoted herself to self-inquiery.  This became the catalyst for the start of PK method later. The  self-inquiry question were


"Who am I?"

"Why am I here?

"Where am I going with my life?"

These are spontaneous questions that people think about at least once in their lives.


We imagine that we often seek ourselves asking these questions when a person is in an uncomfortable or distressing situation such as  relationships, social circumstances or economic factors or any others.


In the method, positive messages are communicated to the subconscious mind using a variety of techniques, rituals and symbols. This counteracts  conditionings we develop from our childhood and enables us to make changes in our lives. Working with the subconscious mind is far more effective than working on a conscious or cognitive level.


This method can help to releases the limited  false beliefs that  we carry in out life consciously and unconsciously.  The  method allows us to become independent. It is a process of discovering "Who am I?", relying on a "security and wisdom of inner source " as a guide to living towards true freedom and liberation. 


In this process, the person experiences a glimmer of hope for self-discovery, happiness, joy and confidence that only he or she can understand. This is why so many people who start the method enjoy and continue to do so. This is why Phyllis Krystal Method has been quietly spreading this method beneath the surface for over half a century. In other words, it's a very powerful and simple method that everyone who wishes can do. 


What is the Phyllis Krystal Method ?  In fact, it is difficult to explain in words.

Just imagine, we stand the top of the Mt Fuji and see a beautiful sunrise which is in front of us  now. It is so difficult to express with certainty the intensity of the light, the colour, size, the sensation of the air around us with stillness, calmness, fragrance etc.


To be honest with you from bottom of my heart, if we really would love to know what Phyllis Krystal Method is all about, we have to experience it. It will be special.  I'll just use Phyllis' words here, "Just do it".  If it would be so, from the very first experience, a person begins a step-by-step journey of self-discovery. 



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